No matter if you’ve received a bike as a gift or if you’ve decided to start cycling to work, there are a few things to take care of before and while you hit the road with your sweet new ride. Maintenance and services can be taken care of at home, but what should be on your top priority is how to prevent your new bike from getting stolen.

First things first other than getting your regular starter kit of bike pumps and maintenance tools, a bike lock is a must among all the other list and knowing how to lock your bike properly is another thing you’ll need to know about.

You can expect to regularly park your bike in the street as one of the convenient places to keep your bike as you go for a short errand. However, a bike that is poorly locked can disappear before you know it. One of the best places to park your bike is at a busy location well monitored with a surveillance monitoring system. Sidewalks often have bike parking where you can lock your bike around the metal rack. So it is better to choose a busy place and an area where other bikes are already parked

A few of the common ways to lock a bike securely is by looping through the tires and the bottle jack or around the seat or the down tube. Don’t overlook the need for spare keys as well just in case your bike lock keys are nowhere to be found. Be sure to visit a key duplication service before you head out for your first bike run.