Searching for condominiums can be more involved than you think. A number of the most prominent property scams have been associated with the condo market. Perhaps you already have one in mind, maybe you’ve even been revealed a device or two to compare to the already stunning pictures you have seen online; this is not enough to give anyone a down payment. Take a look at a few tips and steps I’ve outlined below to help be sure you receive just what you’re searching for; no exceptions.

Unforeseen Costs & Taxes: This is one of the biggest surprises condo owners experience once their purchase is complete. Regardless of what you were told before you purchased the condo, maintenance fees and property taxes always go up from 1 month to another so as a brand new condo owner it’s important to include in your budget an extra $500-$600 to help pay some of the unexpected fees that might appear. This can due to a new home management company or simply a change in possession of the complex.

Think about the Communal Areas: many first time buyers fail to notice the common areas of the condo property. This is normally a great way to determine how well your condo is going to be cared for and the type of people looking after your construction. If you look around all you saw is obsolete and stained rugs and used furniture you may want to reconsider your decision.

Whether you’re moving into a condo from your own home or this is your very first home understanding just how much storage space you’ve got is vital. It is extremely common for condominium complexes to give storage space for each property generally big enough to store many boxes and even bicycles and sporting equipment.

Safety: whether you live alone or with your loved ones, the safety options are essential if considering buying a condo. Many of the more recent developments offer not only a doorman but 24-hour surveillance of the property using high-tech cameras and equipment to cover all aspects of those grounds. Anything less than that should be mentioned as a red flag and reconsidered to your general security.

Second Opinion: there is nothing wrong with getting another view of the condo in question as well as the total complex. Sometimes we can be so excited about an idea we don’t clearly see all the negative aspects in front of us and that is the point where a friend or family member can be of service.

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