Almost everyone has facial hair and a majority of them are lucky enough to have genes capable of growing beards up to a full size. But if you have a beard, that is good enough to receive the opportunity to be able to style it. From a short stubble styled beard to a Van Dyke style beard, the options can be endless when you have a beard capable of growing fully around your face. However, even though there are numerous styles to choose from, you’ll need to consider which beards compliments your face shape and avoid beard styles and mistakes that just looks insanely hideous.

Not everyone has the talent to immediately have the skills to trim their own beard. It takes time, practice, and even a few uneven cuts here and there. However, there are also those that have skills and tools to style their beards but do so with a style that just resembles the beard of regrets. A common beginner’s mistake when it comes to trimming their beard is trimming to high until you achieve something like George Lucas’ beard because the fear of having a really weird neckbeard is something most guys hate the most, so they end up having their necks look like turkey gullets.

Furthermore, you can’t possibly get the right style with a dry beard. Moisturize your beard before you start using those trimmers to get it as accurate as possible. This goes the same way as making your hair slightly damp before trimming it as well. Use beard grooming products such as beard oils or balms. Not sure where to get them? Check out Primitive Outpost for the best beard oils and the best beard growth oil the world has to offer.